Meeting His Majesty King Charles III at the RSC
Meeting His Majesty King Charles III at the RSC
The Cherry Orchard 2018
The Cherry Orchard 2018
The Producers 2018
The Producers 2018

The Producers by Mel Brookes

"This five-star Producers revival is a raucous blitzkrieg of fun,"

"D'Silva is, in any event, a wry, plump and delightfully jaded Emperor of New York sporting an oily scrape-over barnet. With a twinkle in his eye and a warble in his throat, he makes a perfect (and perfectly loveable) Broadway rogue."


PATRICK MARMION. The Daily Mail 2019



The Cherry Orchard 2018
The Cherry Orchard 2018




The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov


"The vodka flows, the music plays, the intrigue never stops. Five stars "


The Times





The Guardian



Macbeth. Shakespeare's Globe London



"The best performance comes from Julius D'Silva, who as Ross gives an object-lesson in how to speak verse with clarity and understanding."

Michael Billington. The Guardian  






"Michael Boyd's RSC's history cycle is, on current form, one of the great events of modern theatre."


Michael Billington. The Guardian.




"So let me state unreservedly that Boyd's history cycle offers some of the greatest acting, in some of the most imaginative and rigorous productions, that I have experienced in more than 30 years of professional theatre-going."

Charles Spencer. The Daily Telegraph.


"It has been one of the supreme experiences of my long theatre-going lifetime: eight plays adding up to more than 24 hours (excluding intervals), spread over two evenings plus two whole days, each starting at 10.30 in the morning and finishing more than 12 hours later."

Anthony Holden. The Guardian.







BRIDGERTON series 3,   for  NETFLIX


THE CROWN Series 1 & 2 Baron Stirling Henry Nahum for NETFLIX


& JULIET.  Lance.  The Shaftsbury Theatre. West End London



ALONE IN BERLIN.       Klaus Borghausen   

Director : James Dacre  Northampton Theatre Royal 2020.


THE PRODUCERS       MAX            Raz Shaw   Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre 2018/19.


THE CHERRY ORCHARD  Pischik  Sir Michael Boyd   Bristol Old Vic Theatre /Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre 2018.


STRICTLY BALLROOM The Musical  Barry Fife   Princess of Wales Theatre. Toronto. 2017


MADE IN DAGENHAM  Mr Hopkins Rupert Goold  Adelphi Theatre . West End London. 2016


ETERNAL LOVE      'Louis VI'          John Dove. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre London and English Touring Theatre 2014.


ANNE BOLEYN 'Thomas Cromwell' John Dove. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre London and English Touring Theatre 2011/12.




MACBETH 'Ross' Lucy Baily Shakespeare's Globe Theatre london 2010.




OLIVER! ‘Mr. Bumble’ Rupert Goold Theatre Royal Drury Lane.



The Histories/Royal Shakespeare Company - Laurence Olivier Award Winner 2009 for Best Company Performance. 





HENRY IV Parts I & II ‘Bardolph’ (US Falstaff) Michael Boyd RSC 

HENRY V ‘Bardolph Michael Boyd RSC 

HENRY VI PART III ‘Rutlands Tutor’/Priest’ Michael Boyd RSC 

HENRY VI PART II ‘Clerk of Chatham/ Peter’ Michael Boyd RSC 

HENRY VI PART I ‘Sir William Lucy’ Michael Boyd RSC 

RICHARD III ‘Catesby’ (US Richard) Michael Boyd RSC 


GREAT EXPECTATIONS Pumblechook’ Declan Donnellan RSC 

RICHARD II Bushy’ Steven Berkoff Ludlow Festival 

LONE STAR MARK THREE ‘Jeff’ Caroline Leslie Salisbury Playhouse 

DOG IN THE MANGERCelio’ Lawrence Boswell RSC 

TAMARS REVENGEBraulio’ Simon Usher RSC 

HOUSE OF DESIRESHernanda’ Nancy Meckler RSC 

PEDRO, THE GREAT PRETENDER ‘Mayor Crespo’ Mike Alfreds RSC 

HENRY VI PART III ‘Edward’ Bruce Wall Pentonville Prison 

AS YOU LIKE IT Orlando’ Peter Brewis BAC 

TESS OF THE D’URBERVILLESAlec D’Urberville’ Jackie Summerville Greenwich Studio 

THE TEMPEST Caliban’ Sophie Paul Edinburgh Festival 

MEASURE FOR MEASURE ‘Angelo’ Dominic Druce International, Rome 


THE RIVALS ‘Jack Absolute’ Carole Todd Boulevard Theatre 

NOISES OFF ‘Gary Lejeune’ Robert Kennedy Gallery Productions 

TO THE LIGHTHOUSE ‘James’ Andrew Holmes Empty Space T.C. 

DICK WHITTINGTON ‘King Rat’ Charlie Drake Theatre Royal, Margate 

SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL ‘Shakespeare’ Sophie Paul Singapore Arts Festival 


VERGIL CAESARHorace’ Tom Prentki Oxford Playhouse 

BOUNCERSRalph’ Sophie Paul Burton Taylor Theatre 



BBC Radio 4


"The Horse" Narrator.

"The Lyrical Ballads"  Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

"Van Gogh: The Letters" Paul Gauguin.

"The Flea" by John Donne.